Askja Highland Ultimate Air Tour

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The Askja Highland Air tour is a great way to admire that beautiful Icelandic Highland. The scenic flight is comfortable and fast and we even land in the famous Herðubreiðarlindir Oasis for a short and refreshing highland break.

Askja highland air tour is a great tour where we fly over the magnificent Godafoss Waterfall towards Lake Myvatn with its numerous attractions, such as Krafla, Namaskard, Hverfjall and pseudo craters before starting our journey into the true highlands of Iceland. Our highland experience will begin by seeing the magnificent Highland queen, Mount Herdubreid, as we fly towards Askja Caldera.  After exploring the hot springs of Askja we turn towards the north side of Vatnajokull glacier, to Kverkfjöll, the currently active volcanic site.

On the homeward journey towards Akureyri, sit back and take in the view of Odadahraun, the vast lava desert, and Holuhraun, the most recent lava in Iceland.

Askja Caldera

Askja Caldera is located in the center of the Icelandic Outback. Lake in the Caldera It is the deepest lake in Iceland, around 220 m deep. Next to the Lake is Víti, a geothermal lake with water temperature around 25°C.
In the Dyngjufjöll mountains which surround the Askja caldera can be found the impressive Drekagil, the canyon of dragons. Not far from Askja, there are two other interesting volcanic systems: Herðubreið and Kverkfjöll.

Askja is a popular tourist destination. There are two mountain huts and a campsite at Dreki, by Drekagil, which is about 100 km by a 4×4 F-road, from the Icelandic ring-road. The road continues 8 km up from Dreki into the Askja caldera. It is a walk of about 2.5 km from the car park to Öskjuvatn and Víti. The roads are usually only open for about three to four months, from late June until early October.
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Meeting point:

Akureyri Airport – By the Icelandic Aviation Museum

Flugvallarvegur, Akureyri IS


Glaciers - Lava fields - Lake Myvatn - Askja - Kverkfjoll  - Desert-Volcanoes - Lava- Sandstrip landing


A good mood and a thirst for adventure

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