An up North winter experience

Iceland is not a small country and there is a lot to see in each area, but instead of trying to cover a lot of ground in a short time, making the most of each region is a great alternative. Having said that, renting a car is advisable, to be able to move around without restrictions.

Iceland might seem like a difficult place to navigate with the snowy roads and harsh weather. But as there are no trains here, it’s important to Icelanders to be able to drive around, and it’s actually easier than you would think! But keep in mind that it’s important to be aware of weather announcements and road conditions. Also take note of guidance from those familiar with the areas and stay on the safe and open roads (off-road driving is illegal in Iceland).

Besides cruising around, we recommend taking some time to go skiing or snowboarding. The northern part of Iceland is ideal for both, as well as driving around, as some of Iceland’s most beautiful small towns are located along the Northern coast.

Dalvík, Akureyri and Siglufjörður are all within a 90 minute drive from each other and in each town you will find an outdoor pool, ski area and a variety of cafes and restaurants. One of the best things about going skiing in the North of Iceland is that the ski areas are located so near the towns that you usually only have to drive a few kilometres to reach them.

A recipe for a perfect day could be to start off with some sight seeing in Dalvík, having fish soup at Gísli Eiríkur & Helgi before spending an afternoon at the Dalvík ski area (one of the best in the country). To unwind we recommend driving to Siglufjörður for coffee at Frida cafe (a chocolate cafe) and wrapping it up by relaxing in one of the area’s hot outdoor pools.

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