Rekstur – Icelandic horse roundup

Price from 16.900 ISK PER PERSON.
Estimated in different currency: $122 €104 £95

For experienced riders we offer a once in a lifetime ride with a group of horses running free with you while you ride. A great horse roundup trip in North Iceland.

“Rekstur” is an Icelandic horse term used when we take a group of horses and allow them to run freely while a group of riders controls where they go and how fast they go by riding in front of the group and behind the group.

We want to give experienced riders the opportunity to try this out with us for an evening “rekstur” where we will take 20-40 horses for a run. It will take about 3 hours in total.

The rekstur – Horse roundup

Each participant will ride with us both ways, we will saddle our horses in Skjaldarvik and go for a tiny riding tour just to give you a chance to get a feeling for your horse before we go. Then we go for “rekstur” to the farm Gásir where we will take a little break. After the break, we will get you another horse on the way back and do the same tiny riding tour before we let the free running horses go.

Riding, hot chocolate and a dip in the hot tub

This program takes all in all approximately 3 hours, riding for 2 x 40 min. We ride some 12 kilometers, each participant will ride 2 horses. We provide horses, helmets, guides and riding equipment. Participants should bring, comfortable clothes for riding according to the weather, good shoes and a swimsuit if you plan to use the hot tub. Please note that your clothes could get wet, dusty and dirty (that´s all included in the trip 😉 )
During our break at Gásir we will offer hot chocolate and something sweet to go with it.
After the “rekstur” you can take a quick dip in our hot tub at the Guest House.

Would you like to have dinner first? – Horse roundup trip

You can add on to this program a nice two course meal at our restaurant before the tour, it´s a set menu of beautiful pasta dish followed by some ice cream, dinner starts at 18.00.

Experienced riders only

Please note that this program is ONLY for experienced riders, this is a fast ride and even though we like to be in full control of what is going on, we are dealing with free running horses that can make their own decisions which we then need to respond to. Participants need to be in control of their horses and need to be able to ride different gates on the uneven landscape.

When we think of experienced riders we think of riders that ride very regularly and frequently, ride a different type of horses, have been riding for a long time and are confident in their riding.

Note that all participants need to sign liability confirmation and we reserve ourselves the right to reject participants if we believe that he/she does not have enough riding experience to go on the tour.

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Please note if you book the Dinner you have to be at Skjaldarvik guesthouse at 18.00


Riding clothes and shoes (but make sure that these riding clothes and shoes are sterilized) / clothes and shoes that can get dirty 

Bathing suit

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