Viking tour (2 hour ride).

Price from 12.000 ISK PER PERSON.
Estimated in different currency: $88 €75 £66

Viking tour – horseback riding

Riding the ancient and historic Icelandic horse is something you have to experience at least once in your life, the horse the Vikings loved and rode proudly.  We ride in green valleys surrounded by striking mountains, and in a pretty forest with good views.  We ride in the Flokadalur valley, that is so deeply connected to the history of when Vikings settled Iceland, in the mountains of the Trollaskagi area (“The peninsula of giants”, named so for the striking mountains), in an area famous for still weather and good weather in summertime, and snow in the wintertime.  This tour is ideal for beginners and experienced people, everybody enjoys it, it is a fantastic choice for a horse ride.

We start with a little introduction to riding the Icelandic horse before the ride, a simple lesson, depending on our visitor’s experience.  So if you are beginners you learn a bit about how to ride, and experienced riders learn how to ride the Icelandic horse. That is helpful and fun for everybody 🙂 So, the whole visit/experience here can easily take 30-90 minutes more than the tour itself, and that is fun for everybody, but you have to expect to spend a bit longer time here than the time for the ride itself.

The tour is 2 hour total. (where the whole experience can be 3 hours), and includes refreshments/snacks.

The timing is the show-up time, please try to be rather sharp on time.  If you arrive a lot earlier you just have to wait while we’re finishing saddling up the horses.  There might be more guests coming. We also start preparing the horses a bit before you come and it’s not fun for them to wait for a long time if you are late. So it’s good if you’re sharp on time.


When you book, could you please take a minute to answer these questions? :

What is your level of experience, beginners (ridden 0-4 times), novice (ridden 5-20 times), intermediate (ridden quite a lot), experienced (having ridden regularly for several years in your life). Or experienced but rusty (could you then give us more details?). And if you have riding experience, is it with Icelandic horses or other breeds, and is it Western riding or English riding?
Is there a very tall rider (over 185 cm/6 feet 1 inches) coming, or somebody that would request a stronger type of horse? The weight limit is 100 kg (220 lbs).
Are there children (1-18) coming? If so, how old are they?
Just so I pick the right type of horses ;) Thank you for your detailed answer, it is very helpful for us, to assist us in preparing a good ride for you :)
Looking forward to seeing you :)
Best regards
Lukka, owner of Langhus farm.


In the summertime it is a good idea to wear:

  • A wind-tight jacket.
  • A warm sweater, for example a fleece sweater.
  • Some soft type of pants (jeans with thick seams can be uncomfortable).
  • Comfortable gloves.
  • Sneakers or sport shoes or light walking shoes (shoes wider than 4.5 inches or 11.5 cm. can be unsafe).

The climate in our area is wonderful in the summer, rain hardly happens, and a lot of still weather, and good temperatures for Icelandic standard.  But people from other countries are often not used to our summer temperatures. 

In the fall/winter/spring we recommend wearing wind tight pants too.

Also, if you ride regularly at home:

  • If you own used riding clothes that you can wash in washing machine (min 40°C) before coming to Iceland, feel free to bring them.
  • Regarding used riding helmets and riding shoes, don’t bring them to Iceland (because of risk of bringing diseases).
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